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Best Anime Like One Piece

best anime like one piece
One Piece Anime - source

One Piece has nearly 900 episodes, there’s plenty to stay viewers hooked for hours of binge-watching. But what to try to to when you’ve trapped on pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy’s sea-faring adventures? From knights and ninjas to superheroes and therefore the supernatural, we’ve pulled together an inventory of a number of the simplest anime to observe if you're keen on One Piece.

We Listed Some anime that are similiar to one piece.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super(Anime like One Piece)
Dragon Ball Super - source
  • Seasons : 5
  • Episodes : 131
  • Aired : 5 July 2015 - 25 March 2018
But before you watch Dragon Ball Super, you need to watch Dragon Ball Z anime because Dragon Ball Super is story after the Dragon Ball Z anime.

If you like fighting in one piece anime then i suggest you to watch Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super is written by the akira toriyama and one of the best fighting anime. Stroy focus on Goku and Vegeta who are saiyan from another planet who posses extraordinary Strength than normal humans. They are fight with enemy who are come to destroyed earth.


Naruto (Anime like one piece)
  • Seasons : 5
  • Episodes : 220
  • Aired : 3 Octomber 2002 - 8 February 2007
If you're keen on shounen characters that love being absolutely ridiculous and yet strangely likable, Naruto is another classic you'll start watching today with many content! A  beast, named the Nine-Tails, is sealed inside a young boy named Naruto. His ambitions to be an excellent ninja, and even the Hokage of his village, won't waver despite what proportion he's looked down upon. very similar to Luffy, he's loud, ridiculous, and he never gives up.

Naruto is similiar character as Luffy. Luffy never run from any types of situation same naruto is never run from any situations.

Fairy Tail

fairy tail - anime like one piece
Fairy Tail
  • Seasons : 9
  • Episodes : 328
  • Aired : 12 October 2009 - 29 September 2019
Fairy Tail features a lot in common with One Piece - albeit there aren't really any pirates. Following the story of the Celestial Spirit Mage Lucy Heartfilia, we discover all the themes of adventure and friendship woven throughout the story. It's set during a fantasy-type world where magic is abundant, so if you're keen on this genre, you will be excited to binge it!

Most popular character of the fairy tail is Natsu Dragneel, who never give up and never cheats his freinds.


Bleach Is Anime Like One Piece
  • Seasons : 16
  • Episodes : 366
  • Aired : 5 October 2004 - q November 2014
If you are a big fan of Zoro due to his sword fighting skills, then i recomended you to watch Bleach. this is often mainly because both shows have a grumpy character that carries around a singular sword, or swords, and holds mass amounts of power.

Ichigo Kurasaki is the main character of the Bleach who being substitute reaper for Rukia Kuchiki and fight with hollows. Ichigo is same as Luffy who fight for his friends and he his prepare to give his own life to save his Friends.


Gintama Anime Like One Piece
  • Seasons : 5
  • Episodes : 367
  • Aired : 4 April 2006 - 7 October 2018
You have to admit, One Piece may be a little strange because the pirates featured on the show aren't your average people; some have powers while others are just incredible citizenry. Gintama may be a shounen anime that's equally as creative. Set within the late Edo period, aliens have appropriated the land and restricted swords to halt any uprisings. Gintoki Sakata may be a samurai who's going against their alien overlords and, together with his group of friends, is changing the way the planet works!

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter Anime Like One Piece
Hunter X Hunter
  • Seasons : 6
  • Episodes : 131
  • Aired : 2 October 2011 - 24 September 2014
One Piece has always been great when it involves an honest challenge especially an honest fight! Hunter X Hunter is same Show as One Piece. To be a hunter may be a huge privilege and you would like to require Hunter Exam so as to pass. the sole catch? There's a particularly low success rate and it's pretty dangerous. Gon Freecss is bent become a Hunter so he can find his missing father.

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Black Clover

Black Clover Anime Like One Piece
Black Clover
  • Seasons : 3
  • Episodes : 154
  • Aired : 3 October 2017 - 1 December 2020
If you're fan of Luffy's ever resilient personality, you ought to consider giving Black Clover a chance! Asta has set his dream even as high as Luffy; he wants to be the Wizard King (which is merely slightly different from the Pirate King). the sole issue is that Asta seems to possess no magical power, which makes his journey all the more difficult.

Astha never give up on his dream and never cheat his team member. One last thing that Astha posses a power of demon which make him more stronger.

Yuu Yuu Hashiko

Yuu Yuu Hashiko Anime Like One Piece
Yuu Yuu Hashiko
  • Seasons : 4
  • Episodes : 112
  • Aired : 10 October 1992 - 1 April 2006
Luffy has always been a positive and cheerful lead character, but there are certainly other supporting characters that were grumpy, yet lovable.
If characters like Zoro, Smoker, or Law, you'll likely love the leading protagonist of this series, Yusuke. A classic anime, the story follows Yusuke who's died at the starting of anime. He's given one last chance at life if he's employed as a spirit detective.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Anime like One Piece
My Hero Academia - source
  • Seasons : 4 and Ongoing
  • Episodes : 88+
  • Aired : 3 April 2016 - Ongoing
In a world where almost everyone possesses superpowers – also referred to as Quirks – a young boy named Izuku Midoriya appears to possess been born Quirkless. Despite being completely ordinary, he's determined to become the world’s greatest hero. Luckily, Deku receives some help from the world's current greatest hero.

Featuring a loveable and relatable cast of well-realized characters, My Hero Academia brilliantly blends action sequences and charming comedic moments. Izuku overcomes bullies and supervillains alike during a show that champions the underdog and shows you don’t got to be super to be a hero.

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Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins Anime Like One Piece
Seven Deadly Sins - source
  • Seasons : 3 and Ongoing
  • Episodes : 79+
  • Aired : 5 October 2014 - Ongoing
Filled with classic shonen action sequences, the series is an entertaining and colorful fantasy quest. The story follows a gaggle of disbanded knights blamed for the downfall of the Britannia region’s empire as they reunite to seek out the important culprit behind their Kingdom’s defeat.

The happy-go-lucky Meliodas is at the leader of The Seven Deadly Sins. The stubborn knight’s growth throughout the series will little question appeal to fans of Luffy’s story, as he slowly softens and makes deep connections to his teammates.

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