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Best Anime Like Summer Time Render

best anime like summer time render
Summer Time Render
Hello friends, In this article, we are going to discuss the Animes which are similar to the Summer Time Render Anime Series. As we all know Summer Time Render is one of the best time traveling Anime Series. In Summer Time Render Anime, the Main character is go back to the time when he died. So, the main character is trying to save his girlfriend from dying. In this post, I will provide some best Anime that are similar to Summer Time Render.

Here, we listed the Anime Which is similar to the Summer Time Render anime.

Tokyo revengers

psychological anime like summer time render
Tokyo revengers
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 37
  • Genre: Action, Drama, School, Shounen, Supernatural
Tokyo Revengers is Similar anime to a Summer Time Render anime. It has 2 Seasons. The First season contains 24 episodes and Second Season contains 13 episodes.

Tokyo revenger is a story of a Takemichi Hanagaki. Takemichi is a freelancer whose life is changed after one incident. He finds out that his only girlfriend is killed by the Tokyo manji gang. After that day, he was standing on a station platform and ended up pushed over into the tracks. He was about to die but When he opened his eyes he finds out that he is in the past twelve years ago. So, now takemichi has a chance to save his girlfriend. So, he is looking for Tokyo Manji Gang. After that, he finds out how he was able to travel back in time. So, he is using that method to go back in the future and past to change the future.

It is very similar to summer time render anime. In both anime, the main character is trying to save his girlfriend from dying. Both main characters are able to go back in time.

Re: Zero

mystery anime like summer time render
Re: Zero
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 50
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Psychological, Suspense
Re: Zero anime also known as Re: ZERO kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu anime series. The Re: Zero anime has 2 Seasons and Both seasons contain 24 Episodes.

The main character of this anime is Natsuki Subaru. One day Subaru encountered a beautiful girl from another world. Subaru wants to stay by her side and protect her. Subaru doesn't go to see her get her. They faced many monsters, betrayal and violence, and deaths. Subaru decides to protect her from any enemies. Subaru obtains an ability called "Return by Death". It is a unique ability that allows him to turn back time when he died. Subaru uses these powers to guide all people to a world where everyone can always smile.

It is very similar to summer time render anime where the main character is able to turn back the time when a person dies.

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top anime like summer time render
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 12
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural
Erased is also known as the Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Anime Series. It has 1 Season and 12 Episodes.

It is story of satoru fujinama. Satoru is a manga artist who is struggling to make a name for herself after his debut. Satoru has one problem in his life. Satoru has a strange phenomenon that sends him back to the time when something life-threatening occurs. This thing continues to happen to him until the threat is completely erased.

Erased has a very interesting story like summer time render anime. In this anime main character is also sent back to a time when a life-threatening event is happen.

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Stein gate

top 5 anime like summer time render
Stein Gate
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 24
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Stein Gate is also one of the best time-traveling Anime Series. It has 1 Season and 24 Episodes.

Stein gate is the story of a scientist Okabe. Okabe, his childhood friend Mayuri and hacker Daru form a "Future Gadget Research Laboratory". In this library, they attempt to invent futuristic gadgets. They have invented the phone microwave which transforms bananas into a green gel. But one day, an experiment gone wrong and they discover that a phone microwave can also send text messages to the past. The text messages that they send into the past are affecting the flow of time which generate unforeseen consequences. These consequences are not able to handle by Okabe himself.

This Anime has a similar story to Summer Time Render where MC is trying to save his girlfriend.

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best anime like summer time render
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 13
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shoujo
Orange anime has 1 Season and 13 episodes.

It is the story of a second-year high school girl Naho. One day, naho receives one letter which is from herself from ten years in the future. That letter contains all the incidents that are going to happen to her. At first, naho thinks that it is a prank. But after that, all the events which are written in that letter start to come true one by one. The letter tells her that she will fall in love with a boy named Kakeru. Kakeru is a new student who transferred to her school, and he will die at 17th years old. So, naho decides to save Kakeru from dying in the future. So, he is trying to change all the things which are written in that letter.

If you like anime where time traveling is involved then this anime also contains some time traveling. So, You can watch this anime if you like Summer Time Render anime.

Link click

good anime like summer time render
Link click
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 11
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Superpower
Link Click is also known as  Shiguang Dailiren Anime Series. It has 1 Season and 11 episodes.

It is a story of a small store named "Time Photo Studio". This is store is run by Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang. Cheng and Lu both have special powers which allow them to enter photos to fulfill their client's requests. Cheng and Lu use their power to enter in time when the photo is clicked and then they can change the future based on the client's request.

This Anime will give a similar experience to Summer Time Render. If you like the storyline of the Summer Time Render anime then this anime is perfect for you to watch

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